Island Interiors at Ocean Reef, Key Largo, Vero Beach, Florida

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Marci Larson, Senior Designer

Marcia Larson, ASID, Senior Designer and Owner

Marcia began her design career in Vero Beach, Florida after graduation from the University of Southern Mississippi. Hired as a junior designer by the prestigious design firm Richard Plumer Design based in Miami, Florida, Marcia worked for the firm from 1987 until 1992 when she was hired by Orchid Isle Interiors. In 1997, Marcia was recruited by Island Interiors as a Senior Designer and manager of its newly opened Vero Beach location to serve clients in both Vero Beach and in the Florida Keys. Marcia is a licensed, ASID designer known for her attention to detail and for her thoughtful planning of each job.

Marci Larson, Senior Designer

Sarah Masterson, ASID, Senior Designer

Sarah joined Island Interiors immediately after graduating from Louisiana Technical University in 2005. Moving rapidly from Design Assistant to Senior Designer, Sarah has found her career. Sarah is a licensed, ASID designer known for her exciting use of colors and textures. With several major projects under her belt, she is rapidly building a following at Ocean Reef.


Island Interiors - Key Largo and Vero Beach
Dennis Heard, Cari Mejia, John DeLong, Holly Noyes

Erin McKay , Administrative Assistant

Erin joined the Island Interiors staff in 2014. She is responsible for tracking project activities from order entry through final installation.

Dennis Heard, Retail Store Sales Specialist

Dennis has been with Island Interiors since 2000. He is responsible for providing sales support to clients and for inventory management.

Holly Noyes, Office Manager

Holly recently joined Island Interiors after working many years in the banking industry. She is currently responsible for the accounting and bookkeeping.

Jon DeLong, Installer

Jon joined Island Interiors in 2007. He provides storage, delivery, installation and maintenance support to Island Interiors’ clients.